Welcome to my Table

Hi. My name is Jenni and I am absolutely in love with food. Healthy food, that is. Don’t worry, I like some other things too, but you can read about all of that jazz and more about me here.

I especially love pineapples the size of my head.

Who doesn’t love a pineapple the size of your head?

Anyways, back to what I was saying… I am in love with food. And by in love I mean, like ‘having-six-jars-of-peanut-butter-open-at-once, spending-my-spare-time-scouring-grocery-store-shelves-for-new-ingredients, and reading-cook-books-like-novels-kind-of in love. One thing I’m not so keen on… is how today’s food environment and culture is shaping up. You see, what I am talking about are the take-out around the TV every night-ers, the 13 fast food joints you drive by on your way home from work, or the bajillion different “dinners in a box” that line the supermarket shelf. Now, I’ll admit that these things all have their time and their place, but I don’t think that that place, should be commonplace. I mean, what ever happened to “brown-bagging it”, Sunday dinners, or home-baked milk and cookies?? 1510554_10203396186005527_1194625695235409080_n 10168020_10201995652193057_1383390831_n 10340068_10203579309143491_4563103033152902421_n In today’s world, I think so many people are overwhelmed with the rush of work, school, friends, kids, or just with the buzz of life, that they let their food choices take the heat. Many people barely believe they have time to scarf down a bite to eat for lunch or dinner, let alone time to try and cook something and sit around the table to eat it. Well, I for one, beg to differ! Over the past few years I have been reading cookbooks and magazines, exploring grocery stores, coo-ops, and farmers’ markets, testing out recipes and ideas in the kitchen, and cooking for family and friends, all in an effort to discover how I could make cooking and eating healthy, delicious food possible as a stressed out, time-crunched college student. Good news, it’s totally do-able. And delicious. And fun. Oh, and cheap…waaaay cheaper than Chipotle. Yep that’s right, despite the contrary thoughts of many, cooking healthy at home is easy. Or at least it can be. You just need to know a few tricks first. 😉 But no worries, I am here to help and am excited to share all of my tips for healthy, home-cooking that is easy, simple, and just darn good. Here at Jenni’s Table, you’ll find everything a kitchen newbie and food-lover needs to know about cooking like recipes for 30-minute dinners, meals-on-the-go, snacks, and even some restaurant favorites redone ( DIY Chipotle burrito bowls anyone?). I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite supermarket buys on the shelves – because let’s face it, sometimes we all need to take a short-cut. There will be tips on how to create the perfect kitchen cooking environment, how to prep and plan for meals, and just because I like to talk, some of my daily thoughts and musings. So here’s to stepping back into the kitchen! Oh and of course, healthy, darn good food because, well you know, I love it. melon


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