Friday Faves #2

Soooo can somebody please tell me where this week went?! I swear it was just Monday…

Although I still have some things to cross off my to-do list by the end of today, I really can’t complain because today is Friday. And better yet, this weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. Sunny and 60°F. Praise. The. Lord.

Image source

Anyways, I am back today with another round of Friday Favorites!

  1. I picked up this bag of Dr. Kracker Apple Oat Crunch Culinary Crisps a few weekends ago on a sunny, morning walk to Whole Foods. I had run out of my go-to crackers and wanted something new to snack on. I had been eyeing these on the shelves for the past few weeks and decided that now was the perfect opportunity to give them a try. They definitely did not disappoint. Perfectly crunchy, subtly sweet, and packed with 21 grams of whole grains and only 4 grams of sugar per serving. Not to mention, they pair fabulously with peanut butter.krackers.jpg
  2. I recently discovered a few remaining homemade granola bars chilling in my freezer from the stash I threw in there about a month ago (thanks to a friend who requested the recipe and jogged my memory about these babies). It was kind of like finding $20 in the pocket of a coat I hadn’t worn in a while…or in other words, like hitting the jackpot because these are SO GOOD. (And even better when they come straight from the freezer.) I quickly noshed through my remaining stash for midday snacks this week. Although I usually make a few tweaks of my own to the recipe like subbing in some different spices and dried fruit, I have Amanda to thank for the original recipe. Definitely going to need to whip another batch of these over spring break in a few weeks when I am reunited with my food processor.granola bar
  3. Loving this post from Chelsea at Chelsea’s Healthy Kitchen about packing a healthy lunch. While I am a sucker for the classic PB&J, day after day it can get old. She offers up over twenty fresh, new and delicious ideas for brown-bagging it.
  4. This one technically is a “what I want to be loving” as I don’t actually have it…yet. My birthday is in two weeks though and this is definitely at the top of my wish list (hint, hint Mom and Dad). I have been considering investing in a spiralizer to make zoodles (zucchini noodles!) and other alternatives to pasta, but after reading Angela’s post decided a julienne peeler like this would be not only cheaper, but also more versatile around the kitchen and easier for me to store.

And because it’s 65°F and sunny out right now, I’m going to leave it at that.

I’m off to enjoy a busy weekend with an event for my residents, a visit from my Mom, a Badger hockey game, and hopefully, a bike ride around the lake!

Linking up with Heather again this week for ‘Friday Favorites’ – make sure you hop on over to her blog, Life in Leggings, to check out what everybody else has been loving this week!

Questions of the day:

What are your weekend plans?

Has spring hit in your neck of the woods?


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