DIY Spiced Popcorn – 5 Ways

Today, let’s talk popcorn, one of my favorite snacks that, sadly, I often forget about.

Popcorn is deliciously nutty and crunchy, can be salty or sweet, and, to many people’s surprise, is a whole grain! Basically, it’s the perfect snack to satisfy any craving while still offering some quality nutrition, just be mindful of your portion size – once you start munching it can be hard to stop!


Photo cred goes to my lovely co-worker, Hanna B!

When a popcorn craving hits I almost always stick with the classic combo of a bit of butter or olive oil and a pinch of salt. But sometimes you just gotta change it up.

I got creative a few weeks back before a movie night with friends and rummaged through my spice cabinet. By the end of the night I had popped up five new scrumptiously spiced batches of popcorn to munch on, and let’s just say buttered popcorn was old news.

Head on over to The Dish to get the recipes now, so you’ll be prepared for your next movie night or snack attack!

Happy popping!


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